Who are we?

I am Di Donato Fabio, oenologist and winemaker of my small company.

The passion for nature, respect for traditions and the innate vocation of the territory are the reasons that led me in 2013 to start the wine business.


My goal from the beginning is to tell about my territory through my wines.


By cultivating only native vines because I believe that only they, after hundreds of years of adaptation and evolution, can fully express the characteristics of the area.

Using only products of natural and mineral origin for the agronomic struggle that, therefore, do not alter the balance of the ecosystem.

In the cellar, fermentations take place in a natural way by exploiting yeasts and bacteria present on the grapes.

I am convinced that only by working in this direction can the typicality and originality of the territory be exalted to the maximum.

In a valley at the foot of a historic pass, halfway between the most impressive mountains of Abruzzo, this is where I was born and I decided to cultivate my land …